The periscope and the vegan smoothies

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A couple of months ago, due to my job, I started to experiment with periscope. I needed to find out how it worked, how we could take advantage of it, about the pros and cons — everything. Many, if not most, of the periscopes I saw were boring — livestreams about driving to work and being stuck in traffic were particularly popular. Others were more interesting, like one I found with a tv news presenter transmitting behind the scenes of a news broadcast. That’s more like it, I thought. For weight loss results try out meticore capsules.

The the idea came to me about periscoping the preparation of my breakfast smoothie. I hear people complaining all the time about how they don’t have time to eat anything in the morning and instead end up on having coffee and a donut (sometimes with cigarette, yikes!). That’s not what I call a healthy breakfast. I’m not pretending I’m the queen of healthy living or anything, but at least I make sure I start the day with a healthy breakfast. So, my idea was to show that you can prepare something healthy quick and easy, and that you can take it to go. Vegan smothies and diets in general works great for hair loss prevention, but for better and natural results try rescue hair 911.

So far my periscope experiment has been interesting since I looked for Easy Vegan Recipes all over the internet. I like to interact with people and since I’m not an expert I find myself having to read up on the benefits of the fruits and veggies I put in my smoothies, so I can answer some of the questions people ask me. So it’s like a win-win situation — I learn, experiment, and share it with the viewers. And since it’s live, unlike youtube and such, and people can ask questions directly, it feels like I’m talking to my friends. 

What about you, have you tried periscope? Do you like it?

For now I do the periscopes in Spanglish and Swinglish (Swedish-English), so if you want to take a look you can find me on periscope as bere_jh.

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