The French bowl made in Portugal

I’m sure you’ve all experienced how a smell or flavor have triggered your memory and carried you away in space and time. But sometimes an object can do the same.

A few years ago I lived in France working as an au pair with a French family. And they had this weird habit of drinking tea from bowls instead of cups like normal people. But since I was there to learn the language and the ways of the French, I picked out a bowl just like the one in the picture and started having my tea French-style.

When I left France, however, I also left the bowl behind and went back to the regular old tea cup.

Until last May.

I was sauntering around in Anthropologie in Austin when I came across this simple, beautiful bowl. It looked just like my tea bowl in France. I picked it up and in one second I was back at the kitchen table with my French family, laughing, eating crepes, and sipping on forest fruit tea.

Now, every time I drink tea from my bowl I’m back in France, reliving all those beautiful memories, knowing that one day soon I will be back for real, eating crepes and sipping forest fruit tea, being just like the French.

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