The day I discovered fashion I was ruined

These photos were taken in the 1920’s by the Sidney police department. They are portraits of criminals. My first thoughts were: Those are amazing. I really have to get a large format camera. Then, who was the photographer — an artist? The photos have something unexplainable about them, something deeper than the average mug shot. Then I thought, oh, their clothes are beautiful, what a good sense of style. Where they street criminals or high end criminals? If everyone dressed like that, I’d wanna live in the 1920s too.

Am I fashion sick? Does it happen to you too, that everywhere you look you see fashion? I think I might need a doctor Daniel G. Becker, MD.

Sorry for the lack of posts lately. I have been a bit uninspired. I promise to get back to normal soon.

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  1. JuanP Reply

    Me encantan estas antiguas fotos, yo creo que en los 20’s todo era mucho más lindo y bonito, que tiempos aquellos!


  2. Guapóloga Reply

    Look at old pictures always make me feel weird, as I know those persons are already dead but they keep sending a strong message by their face, gestures and, of course, outfit.

    I’m at the same boat as you: I see fashion almost everywhere!

  3. L De Reply

    me pasa igualito que a ti en todos lados veo moda!! y esas fotos son geniales tambien me encantan las fotos antiguas y ver como vivian y se vestian antes es genial y que estilo!!! tiene razon juan y a mi me hubiera encantado vivir en esa epoca

    un besote!!

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