The Bilora Bella 66, 1956

Some people get obsessed by new stuff. They need to dress with the latest trends, they need to have the new gadgets, the latest cameras. They see latest as a synonym to best.

Others get obsessed with old stuff. They dress in vintage, they recycle materials, they collect things because they like to imagine the story behind those objects. Me, my heart splits between both. I’m half-half. But 4 years ago I was different. I used to think that old things were garbage, but then I met El Vikingo, an old stuff lover, and I started to appreciate beautiful old things. Especially beautiful old cameras. Having one in your hand is like holding a piece of a story and unknown memories. Thinking about the past and the way they valued photography makes me nostalgic and wishing I was born in the 40’s.

Last time I was in Sweden we visited El Vikingo number 2 (El vikingo’s brother) and he happened to have a real treasure in his closet, a box full of old cameras. I didn’t miss the chance to photograph those beauties, so they will appear here from time to time.

Here is the first one, The Bilora Bella 66 from 1956. Isn’t it lovely? What about you, do you love old stuff too?

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  1. L De Reply

    wow esa camara es genial!!

    me recuerda muchisimo a una que mi abuelo me regalo de cuando la segunda guerra mundial, bueno lo malo es que esa se quedo en mexico y no le puedo sacar fotos ๐Ÿ™

    en fin un besote!!!!

  2. Adrian Reply

    Oh oh ! I’ve got it ๐Ÿ™‚ Your Pics are just AMAZING ! You’re talented ! So, do you know if “pellicules like we say in French,cause I’m French , sorry I don’t know the English word :S ” always exist ? I didn’t find him in old shops of cameras ๐Ÿ™ … If you can send me a message to my e-mail (if you will find some solution :S) , Thanks !! And “bonne continuation” like we say that in France !

    • tardeotemprano Reply

      I believe you can find the film in internet :), or at Lomography stores! Thanks for your nice comments!

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