The 25th Anniversary of Naomi Campbell´s Career — Dolce&Gabbana, Shanghai

Last week I received an invitation from Dolce&Gabbana to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Naomi Campbell’s career. The party would take place in Shanghai, and both Naomi and the Dolce and Gabbana would be there in person. Unfortunately I´m in México city at the moment, and taking a flight to Shanghai for a party was not on my schedule. I wish it had been, though, cause it seemed like a very cool party. But Luckily, my friend, the lovely Natasia, was there to cover the event on my behalf. Here are her impressions:


The magic of Shanghai is that without much effort, you can find yourself experiencing robust, vibrant and memorable life. Tuesday you’re spending a night at an indie dive bar riddled with graffiti and reeking of cigarettes and urine, and Thursday at the Dolce & Gabbana Martini Bar on The Bund sipping away champagne in your newly purchased little black dress. At least this was the magic of my last week with the highlight evidently being the tribute event to Naomi Campbell’s 25 years in the fashion business. Cheers to TOT for the opportunity. Trust me, on this night, I shook with disbelief in the presence of creative masterminds Dolce and Gabbana, and the diva herself Naomi Campbell. I kept thinking, Is this reality or am I in a well-planned out dream?

My wall of cameras host now the world’s most unusable defunct machines but fortunately my colleague charged up her new Olympus EP-2 for the night’s affair. Snap snap snap my camera went until the battery low sign flashed too early in the night and my heart shattered like glass as I thought about all I would miss. Fortunately by then I had shot a couple of dynamic individuals who had no hesitations of striking a pose plus the mortal gods themselves.

Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana stepped out early in the night for a photo opp that drove guests and media crazy. Patiently, they shook hands with socialites and posed for hundreds of blinding shots. Naomi later strutted out late after her posse took the staircase and made way to the red carpet. Instead of the choreographed dance performed at other locations, the diva decided to rock the DJ booth. An our later, the night ended when Dolce, Gabbana and Campbell together with DJ Ruckus partied at the DJ booth with the half-drunk guests grooving, video taping and photographing the experience. By 11pm, the venue cleared out as partygoers moves to Drop for the after party.

Photos by Natasia Kawi & Phoebe Wu

Text & video by Natasia Kawi


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  1. JuanP Reply

    De verdad es una lástima que no hayas podido ir, pero seguro vendrán cosas como estas en el futuro, ánimos!

    Saludos! (n_n)

  2. Clau! Reply

    Pues si, que mal que no pudiste ir pero que bien que tu amiga te envió las fotos ñ_ñ muy buenas por cierto 😉

    Ya vendrán más oportunidades como esta, ya verás 😉

  3. heidileon Reply

    pues falta de confianza amiguita, a la próxima me dices y me lanzo de corresponsal a la China…total, me queda aqui tras lomita.


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