Ten things to do when you are bored by El Andy

Forget about snow. Find some sandy dunes and do some sandboarding.

Get some beetles and let them fight each other

Sandboarding not for you? Then try mountainboarding.

Get married, throw the wife over your back and start running.

Chase after a cheese down an insanely steep hill.

Learn how to imitate a rare bird and make a fool out of yourself on television.

Buy some duct tape and make your own clothes.

Buy some ballons, attach them to your favorite chair, and go for a flight.

Build a big ass sling shot in your backyard and attach your friends to it.

Buy a couple of reindeers and start racing.

Get some skull implants, why don’t you?

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  1. ana Reply

    los globos!!!! como la peli de Pixar
    que bieeeen!!!! si se puede volar con globos ­čÖé
    una cosa más a mi lista de cosas que hacer antes de morirme!

  2. mina Reply


    Los globos lo haria, lo del desierto, me agarra lejos, lo de los animalejos y todo lo demas digo no gracias.

    tE deje premios en mi blog escoge los que te hagan falta


  3. BoticaPop Reply

    ash. ayer no me dio tiempo de entrar desde casa y ya van dos dias que no puedo ver los videos. y los titulos me matan de curiosidad…

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