Marathon Diaries: Day One

76 days left before I will stand on the starting line of the Mexico City Marathon, and 76 days to turn myself into a long distance runner. Challenge accepted. The only problem is I can only work out in the mornings. I COULD run in the afternoons, but I don’t want to. Because a) the pollution in the afternoon is horrendous, and b) there’s too much people and traffic. Plus, I’m… Read more »

Estée Lauder – Sumptuous Extreme Waterproof Mascara

Last week somebody asked me why I blog. Somebody else suggested that, like all bloggers, it was because I wanted to be famous. I don’t. Or, yeah, sure, it would be nice, but that’s never been my goal. Besides, there are better ways to become famous than blogging. No, my answer was that blogging lets me be creative under my own rules, and it lets me experiment. Every post I make I learn something new,… Read more »

Lie to me but don´t leave me…¿?

Todos sabemos que todas las fotos de las revistas son retocadas pero lo que no sabemos es hasta qué punto, al menos yo no lo sabía. Antes de haber visto algunos websites de retocadores profesionales yo solo creía que les retocaban por ejemplo la piel, para que se les viera mas lisita y perfecta o que solo retocaban los colores o la intensidad de la luz, ah! y claro el fondo, pero cuál fue mi… Read more »