Receta hummus rosa, delicia vegana

El hummus es el mejor amigo de los veganos, o al menos de nosotros. Desde que nos volvimos veganos no ha faltado en nuestro refri. Es súper fácil prepararlo y los garbanzos son maravillosos, puedes leer aquí sus beneficios. Cuando nos cansamos del hummus tradicional preparamos uno con chipotle y ahora decidimos probar con uno rosa, hecho con betabel. Además de delicioso resultó bonito e instagrameable…. Read more »

Chia & Raspberry breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal because bla, bla, bla … We all know we should have breakfast, but still many of us end up skipping it because we don’t have time. Instead we end up drinking a cup of coffee or tea and perhaps later in the day gob down a snicker bar or something else sinfully sweet — not good. But, what if you could prepare breakfast in just five minutes,… Read more »

Marathon Food: El Vikingo’s (Energy) Balls of Fire

At the moment we’re experimenting with all kinds of vegan smoothies and energy bars (did I mention we’re vegan?). This recipe we made yesterday. It’s a slight adaptation of a recipe from Thrive. The only thing we changed is that we added sunflower seeds and amaranth. The amaranth was actually an afterthought, so it’s not featured in the photos. Also, when we started we thought we were making energy BARS, but when… Read more »