The day I discovered fashion I was ruined

These photos were taken in the 1920’s by the Sidney police department. They are portraits of criminals. My first thoughts were: Those are amazing. I really have to get a large format camera. Then, who was the photographer — an artist? The photos have something unexplainable about them, something deeper than the average mug shot. Then I thought, oh, their clothes are beautiful, what a good sense of style. Where they street criminals or… Read more »

Goodbye 2010. Swedish Memories

When 2010 came only one thing was sure: I was going to Shanghai. I didn’t know for how long or what would happen after. I only knew I was going. I went in February and met up with my boyfriend, who had traveled from Stockholm. We enrolled at the university, found a great studio apartment down town, and huddled together under our umbrella on our way to school, noodle shops, and fashion shows. Then came… Read more »

Project Dichotomy. Theme I: Long Distance

We are two photographers in love, momentarily living apart. One in Mexico. The other one in Sweden. To keep photographing together we created this project. Every week we choose a theme that we interpret individually, one photograph each. Then we post the resulting photos together. Right here on the blog. Every Monday. The first theme is: Long distance. Somos dos fotógrafos enamorados, por el momento viviendo separados. Uno en México. El otro en Suecia. Para… Read more »

The Bilora Bella 66, 1956

Some people get obsessed by new stuff. They need to dress with the latest trends, they need to have the new gadgets, the latest cameras. They see latest as a synonym to best. Others get obsessed with old stuff. They dress in vintage, they recycle materials, they collect things because they like to imagine the story behind those objects. Me, my heart splits between both. I’m half-half. But 4 years ago I was different. I… Read more »

It’s a small world by El Andy

The photographs below are so called tilt-shift photographs. Tilt-shift is a photography technique where the focus plane makes everything looks all cute and tiny. Almost makes me wish that the world really looked like that, like a tiny Lilliput land. [El nombre de la técnica en las siguientes fotografías es “tilt-shift” u “objetivos descentrables”. Esta es una técnica fotográfica donde el enfoque plano provoca que todo se vea bonito y pequeño. Me hace desear que… Read more »