Run Bere Run

That’s me focusing.

Last week I ran my first 10k race ever. It was easier than I thought–fun, even. Who would have thought running could be fun?. The feeling was so good that now I’m actually thinking on running a half marathon. Why not, right? I can do it. And so can you.

Do you want to start running?

My advice:

-Get a training app for your phone. Friends recommended me the C25K (couch to 5k) which worked really well.

-No smart phone? Get a stopwatch and follow this routine –> Running Tips.

-Register to a race. That way you will set a goal and work towards it.

-Create the best playlist ever. If you are lazy, here you have some examples.

-Read running blogs. In spanish I read Araiz Corre, and in English the running blog from Women`s health.

-If you are following your routine the way you planned, then reward yourself. If you’re not, reward yourself anyway. This has to be fun.

-Feel happy with each achievement and remember how good you are. When you realize you have done huge progress, cry a little. Haha, every time I reached a distance goal, I cried of happiness.

-Eat and sleep well.

-Look yourself in the mirror and realize how hot you are becoming.

-Run, run, run, like you did when you were 5 years old. Running is fun.

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  1. patti graveley Reply

    gracias por los tips!! yo antes corría mucho (aunque nunca me inscribí en una carrera) y ultimamente he querido retomarlo pero se me ha hecho muy difícil :/
    felicidades a ti x el logro!

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