Stockholm Fashion Week SS 2011 — Cheap Monday

In a sometimes surprising sometimes disappointing Stockholm Fashion week, Cheap Monday  definitely belonged to it’s highlights. Cheap Monday first saw light in 2004 when four friends who ran a second hand store (called Weekday) decided to start designing their own brand of tight-fitting jeans. Their first batch of 800 pairs sold out quickly and the rest is history. Today Cheap Monday is spearheaded by the designer pair Örjan Andersson and… Read more »

Grazia China Junio 2010

I started doing street style photography when I arrived to Shanghai. It just seemed like the perfect afternoon hobby. I mean, I love fashion. I love photography. Combine the two and you have a perfect match. Then one afternoon while shooting for my blog, a woman approached me introducing herself as Maggie Mao, senior fashion editor of Grazia magazine. She asked if I would be interested in having my street style photos in the… Read more »

Old Mike and The meaning of life

A while back when we were out walking around town we stumbled across this very cool cafe called the The Cottage cafe. It was the kind of place you always fantasize about owning, you know the one filled with old memories and trinkets from all your travels around the globe, a place where artists and vagabonds sit down to write their mémoires or just to have a chat about the mysteries of life while… Read more »

Swedish Fashion. Exploring a New Identity

When we think of Swedish fashion one of the first things that might come to our minds is H&M, and after that we probably think of Acne and Cheap Monday, but Swedish fashion has a lot more to offer. Sweden is world known for its functional and minimalist design, Ikea is the great proof of that. But in the fashion industry, does Sweden want to be recognized under the same characteristics? The answer is no,… Read more »

Not a good day to do your laundry

Would it bother you to decorate the windows of your house with your panties? Here almost everyone does, at least when is not cold, and they not just decorate them with panties, they do also it with socks, shirts, pants, clothes in general. I guess there’s no better place to dry clothes than the windows. But, how do you know when it´s a good day to do your laundry? Well, if… Read more »

Si me buscan…

Oficialmente este blog se encuentra cerrado por cambio de País. Así es, la hora llegó y mañana comienza mi viaje de 4 días, Shanghai es mi destino final. Gracias por su buena vibra y nos leemos muy pronto. This blog is now on stand by. It´s time to start my 4 days trip to Shanghai. Thanks for all the good vibe, I will come back as soon as possible.