Viviendo una Vida simple

“Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated” ― Confucius En el último año pasé por muchos cambios en mi vida. Todo lo que parecía ser estable y bajo control desapareció. El trabajo de mis sueños se convirtió en un hoyo negro y tuve que cambiarlo por otro. Tuve problemas personales que parecían no tener solución. Y básicamente todo lo que estaba viviendo era el reflejo de una vida complicada… Read more »

Big Top Candy Shop Austin

In the 80s and beginning of 90s there were only two ways to get goods from United States to Mexico (you couldn’t get it until free trade agreement of 1994) , you either crossed the border to buy them, or you went to markets and stores where it was sold illegally. We used to called it “La Fayuca”. If you need home to an auto accident practice group that can help clients dealing with other… Read more »

Goodbye 2010. Swedish Memories

When 2010 came only one thing was sure: I was going to Shanghai. I didn’t know for how long or what would happen after. I only knew I was going. I went in February and met up with my boyfriend, who had traveled from Stockholm. We enrolled at the university, found a great studio apartment down town, and huddled together under our umbrella on our way to school, noodle shops, and fashion shows. Then came… Read more »

Diagonal Patriotismo Vintage Clothing

Since I came back to the city I started searching for vintage clothes, which lead me to Diagonal Patriotismo, The founders, Maddalen Agirre and Giulia Viola, started Diagonal only a year ago, and don’t yet have a proper store. But you can find their beautiful clothes in different pop up markets around town, or contact them for an appointment to visit their clever showroom/living room. They are great at finding beautiful items, and, unlike many… Read more »

The Closet Voyeur — Ceci Palacios

I really miss those days when I could go outside with my camera in one hand and my tea in the other, walking around the streets of Shanghai, looking at people, following them, starting a casual conversation, and then asking them to pose for my camera. It was by far my favorite activity. But here it’s too unsafe. And since my camera hates to be unused, I decided to start taking pictures of people´s… Read more »

Beyond Retro — Stockholm Vintage Store

A month ago I was walking on the streets of Stockholm, taking pictures, holding El vikingo’s hand, discovering new places. It really seems like it was yesterday but it’s not. Dammit, stop nostalgia! Go away before I start crying and flood the room with tears. OK, starting again. I was telling you that during my stay in Stockholm I discovered many new places. One of them was this big vintage store called Beyond… Read more »

Carmen Rion — Diseñadora Mexicana

Michoacán 30-A, a un lado del Parque México, ahí se encuentra la boutique de Carmen Rion. Muchas veces pasé pero nunca entré, lo cual me parece extraño, especialmente con un aparador tan colorido, tan mexicano. Pero este sábado finalmente lo hice, y además de ver las prendas de cerca y tocarlas conocí a la diseñadora en persona. Después de casi 3 horas de plática con Carmen Rion, de tomarle fotos a la modelo, quien pacientemente… Read more »