Olle Eksell – Swedish Graphic designer

“Targeting is crass:
Consumption = selling
Good design is also crass.
Its purpose is to sell.
To sell by leading.
To lead the product from the producer
to the consumer,
and the consumer to the product,
directly and not in a roundabout way,
clearly and distinctly,
sell by simplifying.
Simplify management,
distribution, advertising, selection.
Good design isn´t just aesthetics
-it´s also economy.
Good design isn´t just fun
-it´s deadly serious” Olle Eksell

In the basement of a bookstore, at the heart of Le Marais in Paris, I found this book about the Swedish graphic designer Olle Eksell (strangely written in Japanese). It sat on a shelf in the graphic design section, conveniently located right next to the little room housing the porn section (OK, I’ll be honest, I did spend half an hour or so paging through the porn books going “yuk!, OMG!, and “hmm, I can learn something here …”, and then when somebody looked over my way I acted like I was just lost, and sauntered over the design section — with painfully red cheeks).

It was the bright colors of the cover that first caught my attention, then I saw the name and recognized it was Swedish. I love everything Swedish (I even imported a Swedish boyfriend. Send me a message and I´ll lend you the catalog.), so I pulled it out, opened it, and immediately fell in love. The designs had this playfulness about them, simple and almost childlike — you could tell this must have been made by a man who loved what he did. Now he’s one of my favorite graphic designers.

I’m sure glad porn lead me to him. Thanks, porn.

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