I Love january first. It’s the day when everything seems possible and when you are full with energy (unless you have a hangover. Btw this is the first time I didn’t drink anything on new year’s and I feel so good it might become a tradition. Or I might just be getting old).

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The day so far has been unusually productive. I ran, did my HIIT workout, cleaned, watched a couple of videos about being fluent in any language (yes, another year gone and I still don’t speak Swedish, though I have been taking classes for 3 months already). And I took this picture and made a gif for my job (check it out at the Bourjois Instagram). Man, I’m such a nerd — who works on the 1st? I need to change that. I should put that down on my list of resolutions I’m gonna write this afternoon together with a detailed battle plan.

This will be the year of getting shit done.

Happy 2014!

Bottle & Candle: H&M Home
Frame: Target
Picture: An ad from a Swedish magazine from the 1920s (I regret tearing the page off)
Step stool: IKEA
Book: The Big New Yorker Book of Cats

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