New Balance W1080BP3

New balance w1080bp3

Remember last year when I started running? Well, I got addicted, and so far I’ve done three races, a 10k, a 16k, and a half marathon. So now, by logic, what comes next is the full marathon. To train for it I run about four times a week. I’m afraid I got bit by the running monster and turned into a running nerd, obsessed with improving my times and finding the best shoes.

If I could I’d try every single running shoe on the planet. When I got my first pair I had no clue what I was doing and figured any shoe is as good as the next. But by now I’ve tried three different pairs, and I can safely say I was completely wrong. Shoes does matter — a lot. The latest pair I’ve been trying is the New Balance W1080BP3. I’ve used them for different kinds of runs for the last three weeks, and so far so good.They are light, but still give me enough support when I need it , so they’ve become my favorite pairs for intervals. But they’re also comfortable in longer runs.

If you’re a neutral runner and are looking for a new pair of shoes, you should read more about the New Balance here.

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