Monki Magazine No. 2 Winter 2010

I just got the Monki Magazine number two. Well not physically, because I’m in Mexico and the magazine came to my boyfriend’s address in Sweden. The Monki Magazine is a cross between a normal catalogue and magazine. I think more companies should try this, as it adds more value: it looks nice, it’s full of inspiration, short stories, interviews, and, of course, Monki products.

I’m a real fan of the Monki brand, even if I’m ever so slightly older than their 15 to 20 year old target group. But hey, as the saying goes: Youth has no age.

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  1. JuanP Reply

    Awww! Todo se ve con brillitos como en onda cute! No soy fan de ese estilo, pero se ven bonitas la fotografías. A ver si te la mandan por FedEx 😛

    Saludos! (n_n)

  2. ina Reply

    Aló Bere; que buena idea, tienes razón algunas marcas deberian intentarlo, me encantan los brillos muy lindoo todoo!!
    Saluditos XOXO♥

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