Mason Jar

The hipster drinking glass, otherwise known as the Mason jar, dates back to the 1850s when a hipster cowboy called John Mason came up with a totally cool new way of drinking water. Instead of using a glass like the boring normal people, he realized he could drink water from a jar. So he designed his own and named it after himself. The jar also turned to be great for preserving food stuff, like marmalades and such, which is why so many hipsters today are into food.

I bought mine up in San Antonio for about a dollar. They are perfect for bringing my oatmeal breakfast to the office. Somebody told me you can find them in Palacio de Overpriced shit now, but probably for about 1000 pesos a jar. Thought about smashing mine when I heard that. Cause you know, now they lost all hipster cred, just like DIY pallet furniture and cupcakes. It’s OVER! But then I thought, fuck it. I like my hipster jars too much. I’m keeping them.

P.S. This awesome piece of photographic art was created by El vikingo and me

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  1. Sonya Reply

    This is the best blog post on the Internet ever. I love you, I love you!!

  2. Ana Reply

    Si los he visto mucho en pinterest peo pues aqui no hay y para mis hipsteraventuras uso los de la mayonesa mccormick o los de la mermelada jaja padres fotos Bere!

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