Marathon Diaries: Day One

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76 days left before I will stand on the starting line of the Mexico City Marathon, and 76 days to turn myself into a long distance runner. Challenge accepted. The only problem is I can only work out in the mornings. I COULD run in the afternoons, but I don’t want to. Because a) the pollution in the afternoon is horrendous, and b) there’s too much people and traffic. Plus, I’m too damn tired after work, anyway, to do much else than eat and sleep.

That only leaves 5am. Great. Perfect. In theory it’s easy. Just wake up at 5 full of energy and run the shit out of you. Sure, no problem. But then when when the alarm clock screams WAAAAAKE UUUUP, BERE I pray to God that El Vikingo won’t hear it and oversleep so he won’t get up and force me to run. 

Despite the horror, however, I will do it. I’ll do it because I love running. Sure, I wouldn’t mind having clean air and endless forest trail instead of smog and concrete. But this is what I have, so less complaining and more action.

Here’s How

My goal is to get under 4 hours. It might sound ambitious for a first timer, but I know I can do it. It will require a lot of training and good eating, though, so I have enlisted El Vikingo to be my personal coach. Would’ve have been nice if he could run the marathon too, but he says that running 42km on asphalt together with 30.000 sweaty Mexicans sounds about as interesting as getting his balls chewed on by a chihuahua. Personally I think he’s probably spent too much time alone in the forest. 

The great thing about El Vikingo, though, is that he’s an excellent planner, and he has devised a kickass workout plan for the next 76 days. Since I only have the mornings and weekends to work out, we are focusing on intervals and hiit style strength training in the weekdays, and long runs on the weekends. The weekday workouts are rarely longer than 20 minutes. It doesn’t sound like much, but done right, those minutes are enough to explode your lungs. The weekends are for the endurance runs.Over the weeks we’ll build up from 10km in the first week to 32km the week before the race. Sounds easy, right. Don’t worry, I’ll get into more details in coming posts.

That’s it for today. Back to training.

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  1. Martha Olmos Reply

    Estoy intentando correr mis primeros 5k en octubre y llevo meses llevando entrenamientos que no logro completar, dos semanas si y luego un mes no, un mes si y otro no… En ocasiones estoy a punto de rendirme y leo tus posts y de verdad me inspiran mucho y vuelvo a intentarlo, espero te vaya muy bien en el maratón =).

    • tardeotemprano Reply

      Hola Martha, ¡Tu puedes! yo al principio sólo corría 1 km y moría, poco a poco fui mejorando y me fui disciplinando. Me gustaría correr más rápido y más lejos, pero todo toma su tiempo. Si necesitas ayuda o motivación, échame un correo. Gracias por comentar.

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