Marathon Diaries: Day 4 — Running in Rain (not)

Running in rain.

Fake? No, not at all. Frankly, I’m offended you’d even think that.

Day four of my Marathon training. The last three days have been so so. Haven’t managed to run as much as planned; one day I overslept, and another it was raining.
And running in rain — not doing it. Don’t wanna get sick. El Vikingo says I’m ridiculous, but oddly, he always manages to oversleep when it’s raining. “I didn’t hear the alarm,” he says. Bullshit, I say.

I probably would run in the rain, though, if I had a good rain jacket and one of those water resistant armbands for the phone. The sock I’m using as an armband now is great when it’s dry, but in rain — fahgettaboudit. Instead we’ve been doing hiit training indoors. Burpee overload.

Today was the first day to go as planned. Woke up at five, slipped into my New Balance’s, and ran out in the dark. Did a 2km warmup followed by 6X200m sprints. Felt decent, though I could’ve pushed myself harder. El Vikingo made some comments about me “sprinting like a fucking caracol,” but I told him where to shove it. I gotta ease into it in my own pace. Can’t afford to get injured again.

That’s it for now. Back later.

Happy running!

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