Life at a 1000 frames per second

La fiebre de colaboraciones ha atacado a alguien mas, asi que sin mas este es el primer post de El Andy!

Just because you can’t see it, it doesn’t mean it’s not there.

Imagine going to the movies. The average film plays with a frame rate of, say, 25 frames per second. That’s what it takes to make those thousand and thousands of still images too look like smooth movement, to look like real life. If they would play the movies with less frames than that, say, with only 12 frames per second, then the movie would look pretty damn choppy, and you could actually see that Brad Pitt is just made up individual still images (and full of wrinkles and double chins).

But what happens if they play it faster than that? What if they play it with 100 frames per second?

It would look smooth, that’s for sure. But also there would be a whole lot information there that would move to fast for you to see, entire images and movement that would pass by too quickly for even your brain to notice.

Just like real life.

Now, the universe around us can’t actually be measured in frames per second, it’s not made up of individual still images. But if we stretch our imagination a bit, just to simplify things, we can pretend that it is. Then life around us would be a movie playing with a frame rate of millions images per second, millions of instances of reality, one after another, playing up in front of us.

But we can’t see it. Our human eyes are only capable of register maybe maximum 60 frames per second, and even that is to stretch it.

What we can actually see of the universe is an infinite small fraction of what is actually taking place right there in front of us.

We might think that what we see is what we get.

But it’s not. Not even close.

So take a look at these movies below, they are captured at around 1000 frames per second, making it possible for us to rediscover what we see every day.

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  1. mina Reply


    No le entiendo al post, (no se mucho ingles), pero espero q tengas suerte tu y todos tus colaboradores¡¡¡

    te dejeun meme en mi blog¡¡¡


  2. Estela Reply

    i’m with Roberto watching the videos right now
    we both agree the video we like the most it’s the third one…even more if we choose the “characters” hehe
    big kiss from Spain nacos!

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