Levi´s® French Country Dress

For the longest time I’ve hated jeans. I could never find the perfect fit. Sometimes they were great on the waist but horrible on the thighs, and most of the time they were too short or too long, or just plain wrong. So I decided I will just wear dresses, and I did. But on my last trip I actually found two pairs of Levi´s that fit me perfectly, two pairs made in heaven. So I made peace with jeans again.

I’m telling you this so you understand why I got so excited when I received this beautiful Levi’s dress. It had two things going for it: it was Levi´s (my old-new favorite brand), and it was–ta-da!–a dress. Everything I wanted. The dress is made from a TENCEL fabric, which is soft and has an amazing denim color. And the texture is really different from anything else I’ve seen. It even comes out in the pictures.

Levi´s sent me the dress as an invite to be part of the global initiative called Around The Wold in a Levi´s® Dress. Thank you very much Levi´s!

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PS. I know I suck as an egoblogger. LOL.

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  1. Clau! Reply

    Cada que visito tu blog digo lo mismo, pero realmente me encantan tus fotos, tu proyecto del Closet Voyeur es lo más 😉

  2. Lupina Reply

    Me encanta!! Pero presume los jeans jeje. Amo tu blog ya te extrañaba

  3. key Reply

    las fotos con los tanque sde gas son lo mas!
    hasta contrastan con el vestido genial! hahaa
    muy guapa 😀
    pot cierto tengo unos zapatos iguales! 😀

  4. Ana Reply

    Bereeee no había visto la nueva imágen de tu blog! que bueno que aunque eres una VIP todavía tienes este espacio tus fotos son lo máximo! me encanta tu haircut y tu estilo… ¿se nota que te lo copié? nooo para nada jajaja abrazos!!!

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