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The first time I got excited about a cookbook was when I saw IKEA’s Hembakat är bäst. Not that I cook much or anything, but I loved the pictures. But now, since I became vegan, I have even less use for it.

The second time I got excited about a cookbook was a couple of weeks ago when I saw Isa Does it. I almost walked passed it, but these days any time is see the word vegan, I have to look. I debated with myself and El Vikingo whether or not we should buy it, because who needs a cookbook when we have internet? I was about to leave the store, when El Vikingo opened a page with–ohmigosh–carrot cake pancakes. I looooove carrot cake, AND pancakes. What could be better than a combination of both? So I threw my money at the cashier, flew back home, and ordered El Vikingo to cook me some for Valentine’s day.

And holy gods of everything vegan — the carrot cake pancakes were awesome. After that we’ve tried three or four more recipes, and all of them have been spectacular.

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If you are looking for a vegan cookbook, Isa does it is the one to get.

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