Interview with Göran Sundberg, Swedish Fashion Designer

During the press conference of the Swedish Fashion, Exploring a New Identity exhibition I met the Fashion Designer and writer Göran Sundberg. I couldn´t miss the opportunity to have a little chat with him, and this is the result. Don´t forget to listen to the audio for the complete answers.

Can you tell me more about Who Göran Sundberg is, about your designs, your style, your inspirations?

I started out in fashion in the 1980’s. I worked in Sweden where I come from, I’ve also been working in South Est Asia and in Paris. In Paris I got fed up with fashion, I thought jamais plus, so I went home to study at the university and I studied writing so I was working as a writer for 10 years, then I found a more intellectual way into fashion which made me wanting to start my own label and that was in 2006.

It started out as a suiting label, I wouldn’t say business suits because no business man are buying my suits, but it’s kind of a sharp tailoring collection, but with street wear elements, kind of subversive suits I would say.

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I really enjoy collaborating with fine artists of musicians, also as a designer of course I do check what’s going on and what my colleagues are doing but for me it’s really more interesting to go to art shows or concerts or raves as a source of inspiration.

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Why did you get fed up with fashion in Paris as it seems the dream of everyone involved in the industry?

I think Paris was a little bit different at the time. In Paris you have many positive things, you have a high culture which is more developed and more sophisticated than perhaps anywhere really, but you have a very traditional and very conservative system as well…

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Speaking of the conservative system, what do you think about the more known designers, for instance Marc Jacobs, Karl Lagerfeld and the recently dead Alexander McQueen?

As a designer although I’m a small fish compare to the designers you mentioned I have to relate to them because my customers related to them as well, so I have to be careful not to do something which is not too similar, but I also have to remember that designers like Karl Lagerfeld and Marc Jacobs they can influence more where the fashion goes, more than I can so I have to relate to them …

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Do you think Internet has changed the fashion industry?

I think you really can talk about instant fashion. I think also the way fashion is turned over, the longevity of the fashion is getting much shorter, it is also the way of people communicate and interact with each other, first we started with e-mails now we have twitter, every thing is getting shorter and shorter and quicker and quicker. Fashion is going to get even faster.

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If fashion is getting faster, then perhaps is getting more difficult for smaller and newer designers to survive?

A clever young designer can make ways around it, now we have the cheap fast Marketing on Facebook in Palm Beach FL, which is the internet, we can get in touch with designers, customers and collaborate straight away. On the internet we have the possibility to project an image which is the same as Prada does if we are creative and know how to use the internet, we don’t have to have the hundred billion dollars of turn over that they do, there are options as well.

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And finally, now that you are here in Shanghai, tell me your impressions about this city?

It’s obvious that Shanghai is a very Cosmopolitan city, I’m sure this is very different from the rest of china, its seems to be very energetic, things are happening, business are starting….

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Thanks a lot to Göran Sundberg for our nice chat, it was a real honor.

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  1. @Guapologa Reply

    Wow! Such a great interview, Bere! I love the questions and the sound/writting new format!

    Probably Shanghai is the best place for this kind of creative and -as he said- comspolitan creative. I’m going to google about his writting work.


  2. JuanP Reply

    Yo creo que me voy a echar al audio otro día, se ve muy interesante, o más bien se lee muy interesante 😛

    Saludos! (n_n)

  3. Graciela Gomez L. Reply

    Gran entrevista my friend. Felicitaciones por ello!

    Un abrazo a los dos 🙂

  4. Aldorado Reply

    Ehhhh!!! Bere abriendo sus alas fashionisticas en Shanghai!!!!

    Bere, paso a felicitarte y a decir que tu comment en mi post me conmovió. Tú échale ganas, todo está saliendo de maravilla.

    Te quiero y te extraño 🙁


  5. Alex Damien Reply

    Fantástica entrevista, todas tus preguntar fueron muy interesantes para ver cómo piensa este diseñador que yo no conocía. Me encantó que también pusieras el audio!

  6. Pustulio Reply

    La verdad la verdad yo entre porque quería escuchar dos cosas:
    1. A Bere hablando inglés cosa que no se pudo porque edito todo el audio y nada más no se escucha su voz


    2. Al Andy hablando sueco…

    no escuche ninguna ahh si la entrevista esta interesante :p