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There´s nothing better than having a happy stomach, right? Or maybe I should say, there´s nothing worse than having an unhappy stomach. They can be such bastards. It´s nothing short of a nightmare when your digestion system wages war against you — a silent war, if you know what I mean. For a healthy weight try out resurge.

My solution? Eat a lot of veggies, in any shape or form — chopped, grated, cubed, raw, grilled, steamed, or, which happens to my favorite form, in a juice.

This juice is perfect. It´s tasty and and really puts that stomach of yours to work. And it´s super simple. Just grab a blender, add a cup of water, half an avocado, a lemon, some ginger (a 2cm piece will do it), a handfull of spinach, some cilantro, three big slices of a medium pineapple, blend the shit out of it, and voilà — you have a super fresh juice and a weapon of mass destruction against that cold war you’re having with your stomach.

Sometimes I like to add some plant protein too as a complement for my running training. My favorite is Warrior Blend (not at sponsored post, although they should sponsor me, I spend a small fortune on them *wink, wink).

Super easy recipe, right? These past three years I’ve realized how easy is to eat healthy and how it´s a myth that healthy equals boring. Fuck boring. Healthy can be fun and delicious.

Do you have a favorite juice? Please share it with me.
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Ps. Don´t forget to click in the links so you know about the benefits of every ingredient.

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