Goodbye 2010. Swedish Memories

When 2010 came only one thing was sure: I was going to Shanghai. I didn’t know for how long or what would happen after. I only knew I was going.

I went in February and met up with my boyfriend, who had traveled from Stockholm. We enrolled at the university, found a great studio apartment down town, and huddled together under our umbrella on our way to school, noodle shops, and fashion shows. Then came spring, and we watched the cherry trees blossom and wither as we strolled around town hand in hand in shorts and t-shirts, drinking green tea and watching grandmas doing tai chi in the park while the grandfathers bought ice cream for the grandchildren But then came summer, and the end of the semester. We had walked down to jing´an park and sat in the shade with a couple of ice teas, drying off sweat from our foreheads, when we decided that is was time to leave. My boyfriend felt he needed to go home and help care for sick family member. And even if I was sad, I felt that I had already gotten what I wanted from Shanghai. I had made new friends, learned a new language, eaten the food, been to the fashion shows, and even worked as a street photographer. I was satisfied. So, we walked home and bought tickets to Sweden.

Sweden was wonderful. We lived in a cozy timber house on the countryside, a couple hours outside of Stockholm. I spent my days riding my bike, sitting outside in the summer nights with my computer, drinking tea, eating carrot cakes, drinking wine, having barbecues, roasting marshmallows over the fire, breathing fresh air — and going to fashion shows. Stockholm Fashion week was definitely one of the highlights.

2010 has been amazing. But it’s almost over, so lets take a moment of silence for this amazing year and let 2011 begin! Happy New Year to all of you! Check out my latest blog post – WebDesign499 for more details.

Bere on 10-10-10
Feeling Good

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  1. el andy Reply

    nice post, babe! but have you realized I’m wearing that fucking hat in every photo of me you have published? honest to goodness, people, I don’t wear it all the time.

    I have another.

    just like it.

    • tardeotemprano Reply

      ooh but I like you in that hat, maybe that´s why I just select the pictures where you are wearing it 😉

  2. ina Reply

    Feliz Año Nuevo Bere; que este año que viene te traiga muchas cosas maravillosas a tu vida, mucha salud y éxito en tu propositos, gracias por donarme de tu tiempo y visitar mi blog =) en ya más de un año graciaaass beree!! =) desde Ensenada B.C. te mando un mega abrazo y mis mejores deseos que la pases super XOXO♥

  3. heidi leon Reply

    Bere, regalale otra gorra a tu vikingo no?. ;-b ..

    Ya en serio, hermoso el post, *no se porque* pero me identifique con tu historia sobre Shanghai. Y la fotografía está de poca madre. En serio, me encanta tu ojo y la calidad de las fotos; las últimas dos son mis favoritas.

    Por cierto, feliz año mujer, que logres todos tus sueños, que espero sean muchos. Que el Universo te siga regalando salud, el resto te toca a ti conseguirlo.

    Me dió un gustazo enorme descubrirte éste año.

  4. L De Reply

    aaayy que hermoso post!!

    me encantan tus fotografias y tus hostorias!

    espero que este anio traiga muchisimas mas cosas buenas para ti1

    un besote!!!!

  5. mey Reply

    Que lindo post y que lindos recuerdos debes tener. Mi favorita es en la que sales con la cámara en lo que parecer ser como un muelle. Siento paz con solo ver la foto jajaja


  6. ana Reply

    Que bonito post!! y todas tus fotos son lo máximo! te vengo siguiendo desde que tenías el blog en negro! y ha sido un placer compartir contigo tus experiencias en Suecia y Shangai! Soy una gran admiradora de tu blog y tus fotos!!! un abrazo

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