Ewa I Walla — Stockholm Fashion Week SS11

As you remember last summer I was lucky enough to attend to Stockholm Fashion Week and besides having a great time, having some drinks, taking some street style shots and enjoying Swedish fashion, I managed to get an interview with Swedish fashion designer Ewa I Walla. So without a longer introduction, here it is in it’s entirety.

Bere: Hello, I loved the collection!

Ewa: Yeah?

Bere: Seriously, and that song (Le vent nous portera- Noir Désir) is my favorite song.

Ewa: Really?

Bere: Yeah.

Ewa: So nice to hear! Really! You know my english is very bad, so I have Kristin with me here so we can speak together.

Bere: OK good. So, can you tell me the inspiration behind the collection?

Ewa: Yeah, in English please, Kristin.

Kristin: Ewa was inspired by different cultures, and the meetings between different people from different cultures, she’s also inspired by Swedish peasant people. It’s very much from the last century. You mix that with haute couture and make a new design of it.

Bere: A really interesting mix, and for the ones that don´t know Ewa, can you tell me a little bit about who she is?

Kristin: From the beginning she’s a potter, and a painter. So she works very much like that. And she’s a very expressive woman, and very joyful. She started designing clothes back in 1994 and then in 2000 she started this brand. So it’s pretty new, but it’s been a great success since then.

Bere: But she is Swedish, right?

Yeah yeah, she’s from a very small village in the middle of Sweden, near the ocean.

Bere: A potter, painter and fashion designer, I´m sure you have a pretty interesting story behind you. What more can you tell us about you?

Ewa: Oh, I can tell you that I love old cars. For the moment I have four. And the oldest is from 1964, it’s an old Volvo. And then I have a Citroen cabriolet, also very old, and then I have a Saab cabriolet, and I just bought a PG Cruiser. So I very much love old cars … And I love cats. And I collect things. I’ve been a collector all my life. I see things I like everywhere, so my home is full of old things and new things. My home is around 300 square meters, and I love to walk around looking and picking things up. That’s my life. I collect everything.

Kristin: Her whole life is a pretty interesting story. From the beginning she was pretty poor and has worked herself up. She traveled to other countries at a very early age and … she’s like a vagabond.

Ewa: We didn’t have much money at home, so I started very early to make my own clothes. I made them from old men’s and women’s wear, and I turned them into my own designs. Click here MoneyBolt that can help you deal with an money emergency situation.

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Kristin: I mean, the clothes that Ewa designs, that’s Ewa. It’s all Ewa.

Ewa: It’s me, me for myself. And I think I have a lot of sisters around the world now carrying my clothes. But I make them for myself in different ages.

Bere: That’s an amazing story. And then when you were going around the world, where did you go?

Ewa: When I was young I went to France Bridge, and I went around there and I was working for a man who made movies. So I went to the beach handing out flyers for his movies. I was staying with him up in the mountains in Cannes. So we were staying there and working during the day in terrible clothes on the beach. And after that I went to London as an au pair. And hotel cleaner. After that I went home and met my husband, a farmer. So here I am now. Learn more at http://loanovao

Kristin: He’s the one keeping her here. Otherwise she would still be traveling all around the world.

Ewa: I’m a real vagabond.

And why did you have that song (that french song)?

Ewa: Because it goes right in here (Pointing at her hear)!

Bere: I wanted to cry … Seriously, I had the chills, especially because has a very strong meaning for me too.

Ewa: Yeah, really? I love it so much! You know from the first time I heard it, I thought “this is my song”. I got it from a friend who lives in Milan. After that I listen to it very often.

Bere: Do you have anything else you think the world should know about you?

Ewa: Eh … What should I say? If they wait I hope they will see me in Mexico or USA.

And some life lesson you wanna share?

Ewa to Kristin in Swedish: What does she mean?

Kristin to Ewa: Oh, she means if you have learned some important life lesson, that you can share …

Ewa: Yes, to keep your feet down on the floor. Don’t think you are something. Whatever you do in life, you still need to keep your feet down. If not it will be very difficult if you fall down. (She means: Keep your feet on the ground. If you don’t, you’ll just have further to fall.)

Bere: What about the jewelry and accessories?

Ewa: Yeah, I made them last week!

Bere: Really? Tell me, they are awesome. How?

Ewa: I collect when I travel, from India, from Turkey, from Turkmenistan. I collect, collect, collect, and then I make. I like beads … and I like to do it.

Bere: I love them.

Ewa: ah, that’s wonderful! Now, I’m trying to get them to India so they can make them there so I can sell as well.

Bere: I will buy them.

Ewa: You will buy? Oh, my first costumer!

Bere: And what about the hair, and make up … ?

Ewa: It’s because they have been walking all the night, you know, until they came here. So they are very dirty, and the hair is very … like that.

Kristin: We are very happy with the Max Factor and the guy who made the hair. He’s very creative.

Bere: Yes I can see that! Well it has been a pleasure to talk to you, thank you very much for your time.

Thank you, bye bye.


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  1. L De Reply

    En cuanto vi las fotos dije que vagabundas tan chic y despues lei la entrevista y me encato!!

    de verdad que me gusto muchisimo la personalidad de la diseniadora y me senti un poco identificada con ella osea con mucho menos talento artistico hehe en fin super genial todo!!

    un besote!!!!

  2. isabel Reply

    Me ha encantado la colección, aunque al principio me costó entender la puesta en escena. Después de leer la entrevista, creo que me quedó claro.
    Buen trabajo Bere.
    Besos desde Estella.

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