Estée Lauder Illuminating Powder Gelée

illuminating powder estee lauder

Little by little I’ve been adding more products to my special events makeup routine. I´m still lazy when it comes to wearing makeup to the office, though. So, voilà, I discovered the illuminating powders. I’ve been using NARS Miss Liberty Highlighting Blush and I’ve been really happy with it, but right when I thought I would stick with NARS forever I got the Estée Lauder illuminating Powder Gelée. After trying a couple of times it’s become my new favorite. But don´t worry, NARS blush, I will still use you.

The powder isn’t too sparkly or glittery, it’s just pure shine in a golden tone. But why should you use an illuminating powder? Because it makes your skin look nicely lit, glowy, and more radiant.

If you don´t know how to use illuminating powders, then google it

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