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Beauty rule #1. You will never go to bed without removing the dirt and makeup from your face.

I’d lie if I said I always follow that rule. Yeah, I know going to bed with a dirty face is disgusting and that it will make you look old and clog your pores and give you breakouts. But sometimes I’m so tired I just don’t give a shit. Like when I fall asleep on the couch watching some movie El Vikingo picked, and even though I promised that this time I wouldn’t fall asleep before the end. But no, I just couldn’t keep my eyelids up. I never can. It’s like a tradition of ours. He stays awake watching it until the end and I fall asleep after the first five minutes. Now when I think about it, I’m not sure we’ve ever watched a full movie together.

I’m not saying I always go to bed with a dirty face. I’d say 90 percent of the time I have enough energy left to wash it before bed. That’s still not good enough, though, so I’m trying to improve that number by using makeup remover wipes. I’d prefer to clean it with water and soap, but let’s face it, for the lazy times wipes are a good option.

Bioré were kind enough to send my some wipes to test, and after having used them a few times I give them the Bere stamp of approval. They smell nice and clean and they made a quick job of my mascara.

Bioré also happen to be organizing a contest where you can win a year worth of products, so if you’re interested you can go here to learn more.

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