The Closet Voyeur: Michael William Parker Stainback

This week we visited Michael Parker, a southerner born with a Mexican heart. Michael shares an amazing apartment with his two cats in centro. It´s beautifully decorated with vintage pieces from Lagunilla and an impressive collection of books and records he brought with him four years ago when he moved down from New York. These photos are best enjoyed with a martini. Sueño: Que todos mis amigos vivieran en la misma ciudad y… Read more »

Monki Magazine No. 2 Winter 2010

I just got the Monki Magazine number two. Well not physically, because I’m in Mexico and the magazine came to my boyfriend’s address in Sweden. The Monki Magazine is a cross between a normal catalogue and magazine. I think more companies should try this, as it adds more value: it looks nice, it’s full of inspiration, short stories, interviews, and, of course, Monki products. I’m a real fan of the Monki brand, even if I’m… Read more »

West Nanjing Road — Shanghai

This is a video Andreas and I made of my favorite place to take my “Shanghai Street Style” pictures– West Nanjing Road. Chinese people are so interesting, have a look for yourself.

Old Mike and The meaning of life

A while back when we were out walking around town we stumbled across this very cool cafe called the The Cottage cafe. It was the kind of place you always fantasize about owning, you know the one filled with old memories and trinkets from all your travels around the globe, a place where artists and vagabonds sit down to write their mémoires or just to have a chat about the mysteries of life while… Read more »