The Closet Voyeur: Paola Beck

As a child I always wanted to see what other peoples toilets looked like. Why? No idea. But now with the Closet Voyeur I’ve seen more than just toilets — I’ve got to see their work spaces, that intimate space where the magic happens. Especially for artists, like Paola Beck. Paola´s life is interesting, full of influences from around the world. Her father’s German, her mother’s Mexican. She studied in Rome, Italy, and… Read more »

The Closet Voyeur: Roberto Sánchez y Alvaro Nates

This time Roberto Sánchez (designer) and Alvaro Nates (photographer) opened their door and let me photograph their amazing little world. You can’t deny they have an impeccable taste. My second favorite part of this section, apart from the photography, is to hear about people’s adventures and stories. However, that’s something I will keep for myself. But for you, I give you tons of pictures. Enjoy! Roberto Sánchez — @robertosanchezzRead more »

The Closet Voyeur: Gaby Noriega – Mentira Mentira

Gaby Noriega is behind the band Mentira Mentira and this week it was his turn to share with us a piece of his life. Enjoy. Gaby Noriega – @mentiramentira Sueño Toda la semana pasada tuve pesadillas. En la más rara Will Smith y su familia cometían un suicidio colectivo dentro de un blockbuster y lo transmitían en un stream. Me acuerdo que me meti al internet y todas las páginas hablaban… Read more »

The Closet Voyeur: Toni François

I can’t think of a better mix than photography and music, so it must be a dream to work as a concert photographer. That’s just what Toni François does, this week´s subject of the Closet Voyeur. Toni kindly opened her door and showed me her treasures of polaroids, old cameras, boots and t-shirts. Enjoy. Toni François – @tonifrancois Sueño: Dedicarme solamente a tomar fotos y viajar por todo el mundo… Read more »

The Closet Voyeur: Jennifer Aranda

This week it’s Jennifer Aranda’s turn to show her stuff. Jennifer is a communications student, a coolhuntermx collaborator, and co-founder of Delirio VX accessories. Welcome to her place. Jennifer Aranda – @jenydeny Sueño: Nunca dejar de soñar y lograr todo eso que sueño. Dream: never stop dreaming and achieve all that I dream. Frase: “Necesitaría aprender a domar mi sensibilidad demasiado dispuesta a desbordarse…” El extranjero, Albert Camus…. Read more »