Pamela Olvera, Dada Room

Conocí a Pamela Olvera por Instagram y aún no tengo idea como llegué a ella, ya saben, el internet actúa en formas algorítmicas, digo, desconocidas. Total que, entre fotos de gatitos y de sus viajes, descubrí que era una de las fundadoras de Dada Room y que tenía una vida increíble. Inmediatamente pensé en ella cuando decidí buscar inspiración de emprendedoras, y súper linda, dijo que sí a la entrevista. ¿A… Read more »

You can do it! Getting into that Tournament

Emulating Players

Find a few players with good results in a similar tournament to the one you’re playing and then try to emulate their thought process. You can find players on Twitch or YouTube. Watch how they play, check out any interviews they have, and try to really dig into how they think throughout a hand and tournament. Doing this will allow you to understand what the ideal benchmark is, allowing you to take advantage… Read more »

El día en el que me volví vegana

. En el 2010 conocí a una de mis mejores amigas, Saydée de @Vegabonding. La conocí por twitter, yo vivía en Shanghai y ella en México. Desde nuestros primeros tweets sentí que nos llevaríamos muy bien y cuando nos conocimos en persona hicimos click al instante. Empezamos a conocernos mejor y descubrí que era vegana, especialmente cuando me invitaba a comer a su casa y los platillos incluían puras verduras, eso… Read more »

The Closet Voyeur Sneak Peek

Like I promised last year I’m relaunching the The Closet Voyeur. This is a sneak peek of Luis’s and Angel’s house. Luis is an industrial designer and Angel is a journalist, and they both have exceptional taste. For this picture I asked them to pick some of their favorite things from their house. Each object has a story, so please mouse over the object to learn more about it. Cool, right? The full closet… Read more »

Elle decoration Mexico

After reading the review of my blog in ELLE my cheeks turned red of excitement. It matters to be recommended on their pages, and especially by Aldo Rojas, an art historian with great discerning taste (obviously) and a real eye for capturing details in buildings, as you can see for yourself in his instagram. This was a boost for me, and next year I promise to breath new… Read more »

The Closet Voyeur: Ileana Rodríguez – Reclu

The following photos have rotted away on my hard drive since september. It has taken me so long to publish them that even Ileana (as in Ileana Rodríguez aka Reclu) has packed her bags and moved to another place up north. I guess one my new year resolutions should be to get off my procrastinating ass and start posting more stuff on the blog. But back to Reclu. She’s an eight-armed, two-headed wonder escaped… Read more »

The Closet Voyeur: Magali Alcaide

[drop_cap style=”color:#ff6a28;”]M[/drop_cap]agali Alcaide lives in Paris and has a job that would make any one of you (and me) green with envy. This is what she does: she curates beauty. Sounds amazing, right? And just look at the bio from her [highlight highlight_type=”italic” color=”yellow”]twitter profile:[/highlight] “I select the best of art, architecture, fashion, interiors, travel and auctions worldwide.” I don’t know about you, but there a few people I would consider killing… Read more »