yellow, black, red and white

Sometimes (more like all the time) I like to dream that I´m an interior stylist. Lamp: Bought (and probably overpaid for) at Mercado de Cuauhtémoc Clock: IKEA (El Vikingo needed something loud to get him out of bed in the mornings to make me breakfast) Step stool: IKEA Magazines: Esquire, Vogue, Encens Frame: Target (or was it Clas Ohlson?) Picture: An ad from a Swedish magazine from the 1920s that El Vikingo brought… Read more »

Fish Vase from La Ciudadela

I’m embarrased by how little I know about Mexico City. I was born here, but when I was five my family moved to León, and that’s where I grew up and what I called home until about four years ago, when I found a job and moved back. Since then we’ve had a complicated relationship. Sometimes I feel like a first time tourist trying to get to grips with the chaos of traffic,… Read more »

Ricoh 500

When I get asked the question “What would you do if you won the lottery?” I can think of a lot of things, but of the most recurring answers that pop up in my head is, I would build myself a darkroom. And before you start thinking “wow, that’s mighty hipster of you, Bere,” stop. I’ve been dreaming about having my own dark since way back in 2002 when I was the kind… Read more »

Olle Eksell – Swedish Graphic designer

“Targeting is crass: Consumption = selling Good design is also crass. Its purpose is to sell. To sell by leading. To lead the product from the producer to the consumer, and the consumer to the product, directly and not in a roundabout way, clearly and distinctly, sell by simplifying. Simplify management, distribution, advertising, selection. Good design isn´t just aesthetics -it´s also economy. Good design isn´t just fun -it´s deadly serious” Olle Eksell Read more »

The French bowl made in Portugal

I’m sure you’ve all experienced how a smell or flavor have triggered your memory and carried you away in space and time. But sometimes an object can do the same. A few years ago I lived in France working as an au pair with a French family. And they had this weird habit of drinking tea from bowls instead of cups like normal people. But since I was there to learn the language… Read more »

The cat without ear

A couple of months ago I found this milk jar in an antique shop up in Gruene, Texas. I bought it because lately I’ve been coming down with cat fever. And looks like it might be chronic. The porcelain cat survived all the way back down to D.F, but on the first day in his new home, one of my other cats, Tobbe, decided to teach the new kid… Read more »

Introducing Beautiful objects

For the longest time I’ve wanted to start a section on the blog for “beautiful objects”. The point would be to showcase beautiful objects I find while shopping, or that stuff I find in other people’s homes (if you have a beautiful object you want to share, just send me an email). We are flooded with objects, things are thrown at our eyes, so much at once for anything to really stick. My aim with… Read more »