Beyond Retro — Stockholm Vintage Store

A month ago I was walking on the streets of Stockholm, taking pictures, holding El vikingo’s hand, discovering new places. It really seems like it was yesterday but it’s not. Dammit, stop nostalgia! Go away before I start crying and flood the room with tears.

OK, starting again. I was telling you that during my stay in Stockholm I discovered many new places. One of them was this big vintage store called Beyond Retro. And when I say big I mean BIG. The clothes were perfectly arranged by sections, racks full of short dresses, long dresses, grandma sweaters, leather jackets, uniforms, shoes, hats, and everything you can imagine. Oh, It was like Vintage heaven.

This store is a must. Enjoy the pics.

Beyond Retro
Åsögatan 144
116 24 Stockholm

I love to visit beautiful stores.

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  1. Ina Reply

    Aló Bere; que bonitas imagenes, yo me lo hubiese querido llevar todoo, no he tenido la oportunidad de encontrar una tienda por acá vitange. Y no llores bere se te hinchan los ojos =P jeje que no te gane la nostalgia animo!! saluditos lindo dia para ti XOXO♥

  2. ana Reply

    Quiero una tienda de estas en Guadalajara!!!! Está hermosa! basta de nostalgia Bere! pronto te volverás a ir 😉
    un abrazo!

  3. andreas Reply

    that really is an impressive store. one of the best in stockholm.

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