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For the next five weeks I´m going to be a guinea pig for beauty products. Each year InStyle Magazine Mexico guides their readers to the best beauty products in what they call The Best Beauty Buys. This year I was invited to be part of the jury (lucky me!). Being a jury member means that I for five weeks get to test a massive pile of beauty products — for free. Did I just die and go to beauty heaven?
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I´m not a beauty blogger but I do enjoy beauty products and spend an unhealthy chunk of my paycheck on the stuff. I’ll do my best to review the products as thoroughly and professionally as I possibly can. I’ve already started my beauty diary to pen down my impressions about each product I’m trying, and being a nerd I have created an excel spread sheet divided into different testing criteria such as smell, texture, ease of application, packaging, promised benefits vs real life delivery, price, packaging design, and so forth. Once when I’m done I’ll figure out some clever way to sum up the results and share them with you. You can follow this beauty adventure on my twitter and instagram account (@bere_jh) and by following the hashtag #BBBInStyleMx .

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Some of the products I will try can also be used by men, so I´m making Andreas, my boyfriend, to test them as well. Against his will, of course, but he’s a good boyfriend so he will do whatever his girlfriend tells him to.

Let the tests begin!

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