Bere Hernández: Un retrato de la inspiración moderna

The end of 2012 and my 12 glorious days of vacation snuck up behind me and clubbed me over the head so fast that I never had time to post this video. OK fine, maybe I did have some time time to spare, but as soon as I was about to post it something really important always came up, like scratching my belly or trimming my toenails or waiting for my nail polish to dry. Oh God, how badly I needed my vacation. And God how much it sucks that it’s over.

The Video

Lady Speed Stick were doing a series of “modern heroines” and the team behind it contacted my and asked me I would consider being part of it. Of course I said yes. I know, I’m too easy, but when someone blows smoke up my ass and says I’m a modern heroine I will gladly agree with them and do whatever they want me to do. And if my story could inspire someone else to make changes in his or her life, all the better.

Some time ago I was also part of a Sprite video series, watch the video here

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  1. Ina Reply

    Feliz Año Bere! que este 2013 te llene de mucha salud, alegrías, retos, sorpresas, aprendizajes y muchas bendiciones para ti y los tuyos XOXO ♥

  2. patti g Reply

    wooow bere!!! me encantó el video y la vdd es que para las malas fotógrafas como yo sí que eres una heroína!! me encanta tu trabaja y que bueno que se te reconozca!! 🙂 ya de paso vi que tmb tienes un video con sprite, igual me encantó!

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