Olle Eksell – Swedish Graphic designer

“Targeting is crass: Consumption = selling Good design is also crass. Its purpose is to sell. To sell by leading. To lead the product from the producer to the consumer, and the consumer to the product, directly and not in a roundabout way, clearly and distinctly, sell by simplifying. Simplify management, distribution, advertising, selection. Good design isn´t just aesthetics -it´s also economy. Good design isn´t just fun -it´s deadly serious” Olle Eksell Read more »

Goodbye 2010. Swedish Memories

When 2010 came only one thing was sure: I was going to Shanghai. I didn’t know for how long or what would happen after. I only knew I was going. I went in February and met up with my boyfriend, who had traveled from Stockholm. We enrolled at the university, found a great studio apartment down town, and huddled together under our umbrella on our way to school, noodle shops, and fashion shows. Then came… Read more »

Loppis — Swedish Flea Market

Shelf after shelf full of discarded memories, shelves full of toys, of old tools, full of books and pictures. For some people they are full of crap, but for others they are full of treasures. As I walk around the store I can feel them talking to me, making me feel a bit sad and guilty. I blame Disney and their Toy Story for that. Everywhere there is something that somebody once used of played… Read more »

Swedish Fashion. Exploring a New Identity

When we think of Swedish fashion one of the first things that might come to our minds is H&M, and after that we probably think of Acne and Cheap Monday, but Swedish fashion has a lot more to offer. Sweden is world known for its functional and minimalist design, Ikea is the great proof of that. But in the fashion industry, does Sweden want to be recognized under the same characteristics? The answer is no,… Read more »

Scandinavian Monday- The Swedish Chef-

¿Han escuchado a algún Sueco hablar? Si la respuesta es afirmativa entonces estarán de acuerdo a que suenan exactamente como el “Swedish Chef” de los Muppets! Lo siento Andy pero es cierto. Aquí les dejo en este Lunes Escandinavo dos videos del Zafado “Swedish Chef” [Have you ever heard someone speaking Swedish? Well If you have, you will agree with me that they sound exactly like the Swedish Chef from the Muppets! Sorry Andy but… Read more »

6 Swedish acts you probaly haven’t heard (but should) by El Andy

The Swedish summer is the season of bikinis, beer, and — ta da — music festivals. Festivals are great. People swim in beer, sleep in hot tents and make unwanted babies on the muddy grass while listening to their favorite band playing on stage. I used to love going to them. But this summer I’m too broke, and ever so slightly too old. So as a piss poor substitute I’ve been sitting here you-tubing with… Read more »

The periscope and the vegan smoothies

A couple of months ago, due to my job, I started to experiment with periscope. I needed to find out how it worked, how we could take advantage of it, about the pros and cons — everything. Many, if not most, of the periscopes I saw were boring — livestreams about driving to work and being stuck in traffic were particularly popular. Others were more interesting, like one I found with a tv… Read more »

Bere and El Vikingo’s Infinite Running Playlists

I can’t run without music. I just can’t. Hearing my own heavy breathing makes me feel tired. But when I listen to music I can forget about how exhausted I am and just focus on running. Some people (weirdos)prefer to listen to the sound of nature, saying it gives you a better experience. But in Mexico City … all you’d hear would be honking car horns and … people. Horrible. I’m posting mine… Read more »