Stockholm Fashion Week SS 2011 — House of Dagmar Cocktail and the blogstars

This year’s edition of Stockholm Fashion Week showcased a fine selection of the countries designers. It was, however, without the best and the biggest of the Swedish brands, such as Fifth Shoe Avenue Repair, Diana Orving, Minimarket, Acne, and House of Dagmar. Putting on a fashion show is hard on the wallet, so instead these brands chose to focus on the bigger, and – dare i say it? – more… Read more »

Stockholm Fashion Week SS 2011– Fashion Paparazzi @ Cheap Monday Show

Here’s an advice for you. If you go to a fashion week, make sure you bring someone with no interest whatsoever in fashion, but a keen interest in photography, someone more interested in the people on the side of the runway than in the models walking it. That’s what I did, and here’s the result : tarde o temprano — paparazzi style.

Un consejo para ustedes. Si van a alguna semana… Read more »

Stockholm Fashion Week SS 2011 — Cheap Monday

In a sometimes surprising sometimes disappointing Stockholm Fashion week, Cheap Monday  definitely belonged to it’s highlights. Cheap Monday first saw light in 2004 when four friends who ran a second hand store (called Weekday) decided to start designing their own brand of tight-fitting jeans. Their first batch of 800 pairs sold out quickly and the rest is history. Today Cheap Monday is spearheaded by the designer pair Örjan Andersson and… Read more »