Söderhallarna — Stockholm Market

Why does everything Swedish have to be so cool? I have been wondering this since 2002 when I decided to add Sweden to my list of places I have to live in before I die. Since then, somehow everything cool catching my attention is Swedish. Even my boyfriend is swedish. Coincidence?

Maybe the country came crashing down from the Cool planet? I mean, even their markets are cool. Söderhallarna, for example, a market where you can buy and eat meat, bread, cheese, dairy, vegetables, and so on, just like in any regular mexican market. The difference, compared to mexican markets — which i love too — is that this is so much cleaner, fancier and more luxurious — and of course more expensive, since they only sell the best products targeting a rich market. Maybe that´s why it looks so cool? Just look at the pictures.

Is Sweden the coolest place on earth, or am I blinded by love?

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  1. isabel Reply

    Me gusta el queso tanto como tus fotografías Bere.
    Son todas geniales. Haces un trabajo fantástico.
    Besos desde Estella.

  2. cintya Reply

    wow!!! que lindas fotos y me han despertado el apetito ñ_ñ yumi!!!!! geniales fotos, saludos!!!

  3. heidileon Reply

    ay amiguita, es que tienes razón! estos escandinavos están pesados con el”efortless” (para ellos) cool style. Muero por ir por aquellos lares.

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