Skirt + New Balance Shoes

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In 2003 my uniform was skirt and sneakers, a result from my volleyball playing university days, when all I cared about was being comfortable and ready to play. It was the winning combo (back then fashion was never a factor).

I’m not sure when I stopped wearing that uniform. But it was probably when I graduated and I realized no one would even hire a girl in skirt and sneakers. So I traded my comfortable shoes for steal-tips and a hard hat and started working as an Industrial engineer at General Motors, and after that I spent a couple of uncomfortable years in a corporate office uniform with black drab flats at Ingram Micro (God, those mind numbingly boring days). I was suffocating, and so where my feet.

Today I know better, and I’ve rediscovered my old favorite. I’m back to skirt and New Balance sneakers and I’m loving it. I’m happy, I’m relaxed, and I just want to run, jump, and kick ass (and look good while doing it!).

This girl’s never going back to the prison uniform. Never ever. I and my feet deserve better.

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  1. Clau! Reply

    Yo también me la vivi en tennis en la universidad y yo no practicaba ningun deporte, será cosa de Inges? 😉

  2. BoticaPop Reply

    Yo sigo con tenis. Una vez me prometí nunca trabajar en ningún lugar donde estuviera obligada a usar tacones. Creo que la promesa era no trabajar en ningún lugar al que no pudiera llevar flip flops si se me daba la gana. Ahí la llevo.

  3. ana Reply

    yo si puedo usar tennis en mi office… pero soy más de Converse porque los de correr todavía tengo unos viejitos Reebook bastante feos jajaja que solo me pongo para hacer ejercicio… no sé qeu haría si tuviera que venir en uniforme… pero que tal la pierna eeeh super torneada Bere! me encantan tus sneakers… ando en busca de unos así como los tuyos 😉 saludossssssssss y un abrazo fuerte

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