Bere and El Vikingo’s Infinite Running Playlists


I can’t run without music. I just can’t. Hearing my own heavy breathing makes me feel tired. But when I listen to music I can forget about how exhausted I am and just focus on running. Some people (weirdos)prefer to listen to the sound of nature, saying it gives you a better experience. But in Mexico City … all you’d hear would be honking car horns and … people. Horrible. I’m posting mine and El Vikingo’s playlists here to give you inspiration. They could hardly be more different. El Vikingo prefers rock and hates most new music (he’s too damn nostalgic), and I listen to pretty much whatever makes me wanna dance. So no rock in mine.

This is El Vikingo’s Playlist. Lot’s of classic rock and even some Swedish music, and maybe even one or two modern songs. If you like to rock out when you run, this is the list for you.

Bere’s Playlist. I used this one for the Adidas Split 16. It has a good mix of hits from the 90s and the 00s. My current favorite is Bassline Junkie — it really gave me an extra boost up those damn hills. If I may say so myself, it’s way better than El Vikingo’s rock crap.

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