Bosse and Adriana

[drop_cap]W[/drop_cap]elcome to the first installation of the new section we’d like to call Portrait Sessions. Portraits Sessions will be a series of portraits — duh — of cool people we come across in Mexico. Honestly, we haven’t really thought this through and the concept will likely change as we go. The next step is probably to include a short interview or something of the like. But for now let’s just say it’s a… Read more »


Last year I saw the Grace Coddington’s book everywhere. I saw on instagram, on blogs, in people’s bathrooms. Everyone was getting it for Christmas. Except me. Santa fucked up. I was dying to read it. I, like millions of other girls, fell in love with Grace when I watched The September Issue. She was so damn cool with her burning bush hairstyle, and probably the only one in the building with the guts… Read more »

Tealight lantern

Light: IKEA Going to IKEA is like going to a paradise. Everything is so dang cool. You don’t have to sell your shirt to buy it, and you want everything you see. I don´t know what those Swedes are doing to give me the I-WANT-EVERYTHING-IKEA effect. But it’s working. On my last visit I bought this beautiful tealight lantern. I love lanterns. They are the easiest way to bring warmth and cozyness to… Read more »

yellow, black, red and white

Sometimes (more like all the time) I like to dream that I´m an interior stylist. Lamp: Bought (and probably overpaid for) at Mercado de Cuauhtémoc Clock: IKEA (El Vikingo needed something loud to get him out of bed in the mornings to make me breakfast) Step stool: IKEA Magazines: Esquire, Vogue, Encens Frame: Target (or was it Clas Ohlson?) Picture: An ad from a Swedish magazine from the 1920s that El Vikingo brought… Read more »

Me and my hood

Mexico City is huge … but huge. It’s the biggest place I’ve ever lived in and I hate it. OK, I don’t hate it. Not all of it. Some parts I love, others I wish they would pave over and build parks on. For instance, I hate the area where I work. It’s a shit hole in the north and the commute up there steals an hour of my life every morning, and then robs… Read more »