Olle Eksell – Swedish Graphic designer

“Targeting is crass: Consumption = selling Good design is also crass. Its purpose is to sell. To sell by leading. To lead the product from the producer to the consumer, and the consumer to the product, directly and not in a roundabout way, clearly and distinctly, sell by simplifying. Simplify management, distribution, advertising, selection. Good design isn´t just aesthetics -it´s also economy. Good design isn´t just fun -it´s deadly serious” Olle Eksell Read more »

The Closet Voyeur: Magali Alcaide

[drop_cap style=”color:#ff6a28;”]M[/drop_cap]agali Alcaide lives in Paris and has a job that would make any one of you (and me) green with envy. This is what she does: she curates beauty. Sounds amazing, right? And just look at the bio from her [highlight highlight_type=”italic” color=”yellow”]twitter profile:[/highlight] “I select the best of art, architecture, fashion, interiors, travel and auctions worldwide.” I don’t know about you, but there a few people I would consider killing… Read more »