Breaking 1000K (and my training plan)

I promised you I’d write about my training. I was supposed to do it last week, but I was swamped with work so I never got a chance. But here goes. First I wanna say that I’m not a running expert in any way. What I know about running and training comes from googling (mostly El Vikingo’s googling, actually). So take it with a grain of salt, OK? Cool.

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adidas split 16k — the race from hell

Adidas Split 16k -- Mexico CIty from The Story Bureau on Vimeo.

This weekend I ran the Adidas Split 16k. The race took place in Santa Fe, a little detail I had failed to notice when I signed up. If you’re not already aware of it, Santa Fe is full of hills. Long, steep, horrible hills. If I’d seen where the race was before, I’d never signed up for it. I hate hills. The time I aimed for before I knew the race was in… Read more »

Marathon Diaries — Weekend Update

Days six and seven went according to plan — a short run on Saturday and then a longer (14k) run on Sunday. Saturday was actually supposed to be a rest day, but I couldn’t help myself — I don’t have that much time to train, so I feel I should take advantage of every chance I get. El Vikingo made sure he got his rest day, though, and even took an extra one… Read more »

Marathon Diaries: Day One

76 days left before I will stand on the starting line of the Mexico City Marathon, and 76 days to turn myself into a long distance runner. Challenge accepted. The only problem is I can only work out in the mornings. I COULD run in the afternoons, but I don’t want to. Because a) the pollution in the afternoon is horrendous, and b) there’s too much people and traffic. Plus, I’m… Read more »

We run mexico – 51:22

Last year I started running to release stress and lose some flab. As soon as I felt the stress monster catching up to me I’d slip into my running clothes/superhero costume and kick it’s ass on the pavement. I didn’t have any routines, no technique — no goals other than to come back home with a a sweat soaked t-shirt and a peaceful mind. But as I improved I decided to sign… Read more »

New Balance W1080BP3

Remember last year when I started running? Well, I got addicted, and so far I’ve done three races, a 10k, a 16k, and a half marathon. So now, by logic, what comes next is the full marathon. To train for it I run about four times a week. I’m afraid I got bit by the running monster and turned into a running nerd, obsessed with improving my times and finding the best… Read more »

Paris, I still love you but…

I’ve wanted to live in Paris since before it was in fashion. OK, maybe dreaming about Paris has always been in fashion, and maybe my grandma was once doing her laundry in Leon while listening to Charles Trenet on the radio and imagining herself dancing down Champs-Élysées on her way to eating a baguette under the Eiffel tower. And maybe her grandmother did the same. So… it’s not exactly a new thing…. Read more »

Run Bere Run

That’s me focusing. Last week I ran my first 10k race ever. It was easier than I thought–fun, even. Who would have thought running could be fun?. The feeling was so good that now I’m actually thinking on running a half marathon. Why not, right? I can do it. And so can you. Do you want to start running? My advice: -Get a training app for your phone. Friends recommended me the… Read more »

Sophie Calle — M’as-tu vue

I’m not exactly sure where I first heard of Sophie Calle. But for the last couple of years, every time I’ve found myself in a bookstore I’ve stumbled across one of her books. I’d be browsing around, often in the photography section, looking for something new, and then suddenly she’d appear, as an old acquaintance running into to you on the street. I would always pick her up, leaf through her pages… Read more »