Stockholm Fashion Week SS 2011 — House of Dagmar Cocktail and the blogstars

This year’s edition of Stockholm Fashion Week showcased a fine selection of the countries designers. It was, however, without the best and the biggest of the Swedish brands, such as Fifth Shoe Avenue Repair, Diana Orving, Minimarket, Acne, and House of Dagmar. Putting on a fashion show is hard on the wallet, so instead these brands chose to focus on the bigger, and – dare i say it? – more… Read more »

3 Blogs 3 El Podcast. Blogger Power 2. Segunda Temporada

Imagen de Igor + Andre “La moda está acabada. Y si no lo está hemos alcanzado un punto de saturación” Daphne Guinnes, fashion icon La segunda temporada de 3 blogs 3 el Podcast queda inaugurada con esta frase, ¿Acida y fuerte? Por supuesto, ¿Verdadera? No del todo. Decidimos comenzar la segunda temporada con un tema que sigue haciendo ruido por lo importante que es. Ustedes recordaran aquel Podcast llamado… Read more »

Forever 21 Mexico

Last year our prayers were finally heard by the Gods of garments and Forever 21 opened their first store in Mexico. I was excited, because now I could go to Forever 21 whenever I wanted, instead of going only twice a year while visiting my friend Saydee in San Antonio. I got even more excited when I received a mail inviting me to a Forever 21 photoshoot… Read more »

ELLE México Diseña 2012

[drop_cap]A[/drop_cap] couple of weeks ago I was enjoying the beach weather of Acapulco. Luckily ELLE had invited me just like last year to cover the final of ELLE México Diseña 2012 (a contest to support young mexican designers). This year the theme was Black Tie. And the winner, an ex-contestant of the last year edition, Edgar Lozano. They jury was made up of Matthew Williamson, Eugenia Silva, Poppy Delevigne, and Alexander Neumann. As part… Read more »

Coach — Spring 2011 Bag Collection

Last week I was invited to the Coach Spring 2011 Showroom. I have always liked showrooms because you can touch the products, ask questions, and learn more about the material and concept. And you get a sneak peek to coming trends. At the Coach showroom we saw a wide variety of shoes, bags, wallets, men’s bags, etc. You should really go to the stores and see it for yourselves, but here’s a selection of my… Read more »

Stockholm Fashion Week SS 2011– Fashion Paparazzi @ Cheap Monday Show

Here’s an advice for you. If you go to a fashion week, make sure you bring someone with no interest whatsoever in fashion, but a keen interest in photography, someone more interested in the people on the side of the runway than in the models walking it. That’s what I did, and here’s the result : tarde o temprano — paparazzi style.

Un consejo para ustedes. Si van a alguna semana… Read more »

3 blogs 3 El Podcast. Los chismes de la Moda.

Viernes de podcast chismoso. A todos nos gustan los chismes y hay algunos que curiosamente son del mundo de la moda y no pasan de moda. ¿Recuerdan que Karl Lagerfeld era gordo? ¿Recuerdan que Kate Moss tiene una estatua de oro? ¿Recuerdan que Valentino es color naranja? bueno pues no importa si lo recuerdan o no, lo importante es que este podcast es chisme puro y 3 blogs 3 le dan rienda suelta a… Read more »

3 blogs 3 El Podcast. Terminología para desfashionados

Otro Viernes llegó y con el un nuevo Podcast de 3 blogs 3. El tema, Terminología para desfashionados, es decir, intentamos explicar los términos comúnmente usados en el mundo de la moda, entre ellos Trendy, Cool Hunter, Vintage, Hipster, Fashion Victim, Chic, Faux pas, Demodé. Seguramente algunos de ustedes pensarán que el conocimiento de dichos términos es obvio pero créanme para muchos no lo es y para ellos en especial dedicamos este Podcast. En… Read more »