Goodbye 2010. Shanghai Memories: The People

Last year I was counting the days. I was in a hurry to say goodbye to 2009, because 2010 promised to be better. And it was. It was so good that I already feel nostalgic and have been crying a tear or two when thinking that in few days it will be over.

2010 took me to Shanghai, and the best way to remember that adventure and to say goodbye is by pictures. So here are some images I took but have never shared with you before.

I remember everything about each one of these pictures: the place, the weather, the time, what I was doing. Sometimes Shanghai feels like a dream, and after having dreamt about it for so long, it came so quickly and went so fast. Luckily my memories will last me forever.

2010 also came with a bonus prize, a trip to Sweden, an experience deserves it’s own photographic post. So see you before 2010 ends.

Goodbye 2010. Shanghai Memories: The People
Goodbye 2010. Shanghai Memories: The Food
Goodbye 2010. Shanghai Memories: The Buildings

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  1. el andy Reply

    I remember being surrounded by those guys. First I was sitting alone, but then they started sitting down next to me — first on one side, then the other — smoking and discussing over my head, reaching across my lap to offer cigarrettes to the guys on the other side. And then more people in front of me, standing over me, reading the newspaper, spitting and smoking.

    I had lost. I was overtaken.

    • tardeotemprano Reply

      they just wanted to be your friends. Did you realize that our shadows appear in one of the pictures?

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