Forever 21 Mexico

Last year our prayers were finally heard by the Gods of garments and Forever 21 opened their first store in Mexico.

I was excited, because now I could go to Forever 21 whenever I wanted, instead of going only twice a year while visiting my friend Saydee in San Antonio. I got even more excited when I received a mail inviting me to a Forever 21 photoshoot with bloggers. So cool, right? Though not so cool when I found myself in front of the camera trying to look normal. Honestly, I suck at modeling. It’s much harder than it looks. So Egobloggers, I applaude you.

Meet the other bloggers: Karii, Maureen , Jos , Ángeles aka Botica Pop, Monse, Olivia, Salvador, Ceci & Ebbani , Alice, Pamy & Eduardo.

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  1. ana Reply

    Bere me encanta esta campaña y que padre que cada vez más se fijan en las bloggers… de ahí solo conozco a Botica ya Ti pero creo qeu porque los demás no salen mucho en sus blogs… jeje te mando un abrazo

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