ELLE México Diseña 2011 – Gran Final

Of almost 2000 designs only 12 make it to the finale of the 5th edition of ELLE México Diseña. The theme this year was what a woman would wear the last night of the year 2099. So the designers had to be visionary, and predict the future — what a difficult challenge!

Have you ever imagined what the clothes of the future will look like? What do people who has luxury lifestyle wear for their everyday life? Me, I think we’ll be wearing masks and some kind of space suits to protect us from the pollution. OK, that might be a tad fatalistic, plus, in 2099 I’m pretty sure I’ll already be dead

Anyway, take a look of the 12 following garments. One of them belongs to the young designer which will be the next Elle México Diseña talent, who will win a scholarship to continue his/her studies in Europe.

Next Tuesday we’ll find out who’s the winner of The 5th edition of ELLE México Diseña. If you happen to be in México, turn your tv on E! Entertainment television on tuesday 21 at 21:00 pm, and see if your favorite garment won.

Thanks to ELLE team for inviting me to cover the event.

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