adidas split 16k — the race from hell

Adidas Split 16k -- Mexico CIty from The Story Bureau on Vimeo.

This weekend I ran the Adidas Split 16k. The race took place in Santa Fe, a little detail I had failed to notice when I signed up. If you’re not already aware of it, Santa Fe is full of hills. Long, steep, horrible hills. If I’d seen where the race was before, I’d never signed up for it. I hate hills. The time I aimed for before I knew the race was in… Read more »

Marathon Diaries: Day One

76 days left before I will stand on the starting line of the Mexico City Marathon, and 76 days to turn myself into a long distance runner. Challenge accepted. The only problem is I can only work out in the mornings. I COULD run in the afternoons, but I don’t want to. Because a) the pollution in the afternoon is horrendous, and b) there’s too much people and traffic. Plus, I’m… Read more »

Estée Lauder – Sumptuous Extreme Waterproof Mascara

Last week somebody asked me why I blog. Somebody else suggested that, like all bloggers, it was because I wanted to be famous. I don’t. Or, yeah, sure, it would be nice, but that’s never been my goal. Besides, there are better ways to become famous than blogging. No, my answer was that blogging lets me be creative under my own rules, and it lets me experiment. Every post I make I learn something new,… Read more »

Recipe: Matcha Frappé

El Vikingo and I love cooking and baking, and especially if it’s quick and easy (and beautiful). So we decided to combine our love for food with video making and produce a series of quick, easy and beautiful recipes. First one out is our favorite drink, Matcha Frappé. Bon Appétit!

Bere Hernández: Un retrato de la inspiración moderna

The end of 2012 and my 12 glorious days of vacation snuck up behind me and clubbed me over the head so fast that I never had time to post this video. OK fine, maybe I did have some time time to spare, but as soon as I was about to post it something really important always came up, like scratching my belly or trimming my toenails or waiting for my nail polish to dry…. Read more »

The Closet Voyeur: Ileana Rodríguez – Reclu

The following photos have rotted away on my hard drive since september. It has taken me so long to publish them that even Ileana (as in Ileana Rodríguez aka Reclu) has packed her bags and moved to another place up north. I guess one my new year resolutions should be to get off my procrastinating ass and start posting more stuff on the blog. But back to Reclu. She’s an eight-armed, two-headed wonder escaped… Read more »

Bourjois Mexico

Introducing Bourjois French lessons made by [highlight highlight_type=”italic” color=”orange”]The Story Bureau[/highlight]. Lesson number one: the numbers. Bourjois is a French makeup brand with a long history. Next year the brand is going to celebrate its 150 anniversary. How cool is that? Now, finally, you can find Bourjois in Mexico at Liverpool Insurgentes and in Guadalajara at Liverpool Oblatos. Follow Bourjois in [highlight highlight_type=”italic” color=”orange”]FB[/highlight] & [highlight highlight_type=”italic” color=”yellow”] Twitter [/highlight]

The Closet Voyeur: Gina

I met Gina a while ago. She was wearing a beautiful pair of Miu Miu’s. Next time I met her she was wearing a beautiful pair of Louboutin’s.  From that moment I knew this girl had a thing with shoes, and I was right.  Her closet is a shoe paradise–and we get to snoop around in it. Enjoy. Sueño: Es muy raro que sueñe, pero cuando lo hago sueño cosas muy bizarras y sin sentido… Read more »

The Closet Voyeur: José Manuel Espínola

Esta semana en “The Closet Voyeur” José Manuel Espínola, quien prácticamente se dedica a cualquier cosa creativa que se cruce en su camino. José Manuel es diseñador, fotógrafo y director de arte en el despacho multidisciplinario BRUTAL Inc. José Manuel Espínola@JMEA_ Sueño. Nunca recuerdo completamente mis sueños, solo recuerdo los sentimientos que estos me provocaron, emoción, angustia, inspiración; algunas veces esas breves imágenes se repiten en… Read more »