We run mexico – 51:22

Last year I started running to release stress and lose some flab. As soon as I felt the stress monster catching up to me I’d slip into my running clothes/superhero costume and kick it’s ass on the pavement. I didn’t have any routines, no technique — no goals other than to come back home with a a sweat soaked t-shirt and a peaceful mind. But as I improved I decided to sign… Read more »

Run Bere Run

That’s me focusing. Last week I ran my first 10k race ever. It was easier than I thought–fun, even. Who would have thought running could be fun?. The feeling was so good that now I’m actually thinking on running a half marathon. Why not, right? I can do it. And so can you. Do you want to start running? My advice: -Get a training app for your phone. Friends recommended me the… Read more »