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Defensive Driving for Commercial Truck Drivers


You may have already heard of this term, but what is defensive driving? Simply put, defensive driving is operating a vehicle passively and reactively to your surroundings and other drivers in order to avoid any incidents. While the definition does imply a passive driving strategy, commercial truck drivers who practice defensive driving actually must stay active, alert, and engaged. Yes, these are all qualities commercial truck drivers… Read more »

ELLE México Diciembre

OK, I´ll try not to lose my shit. Getting your photographs published in ELLE Mexico happens every day, right? No big deal. But hell yeah it is! It doesn´t happen everyday, and now I feel like a 6-year-old kid on Christmas morning in 1988 unwrapping a Nintendo 8-bit entertainment system with two controllers and super Mario Bros cartridge. It’s a big deal. Here´s what happened. Pau Soto, ELLE´s beauty editor, asked me if I would… Read more »

Introducing Beautiful objects

For the longest time I’ve wanted to start a section on the blog for “beautiful objects”. The point would be to showcase beautiful objects I find while shopping, or that stuff I find in other people’s homes (if you have a beautiful object you want to share, just send me an email). We are flooded with objects, things are thrown at our eyes, so much at once for anything to really stick. My aim with… Read more »

Some Glorified mud

So last week I came home with a bagful of Chanel facial creams. Don’t worry, I didn’t steal them; one of my job perks is that I can get this stuff with an employee discount (uh-uh, sorry, can’t hook you up, so don’t bother asking). I was all excited and showed my heavily discounted treasure to Andreas, expecting a standing ovation or at least a pat on the back for a shopping spree… Read more »

Sophie Calle — M’as-tu vue

I’m not exactly sure where I first heard of Sophie Calle. But for the last couple of years, every time I’ve found myself in a bookstore I’ve stumbled across one of her books. I’d be browsing around, often in the photography section, looking for something new, and then suddenly she’d appear, as an old acquaintance running into to you on the street. I would always pick her up, leaf through her pages… Read more »

Levi´s® French Country Dress

For the longest time I’ve hated jeans. I could never find the perfect fit. Sometimes they were great on the waist but horrible on the thighs, and most of the time they were too short or too long, or just plain wrong. So I decided I will just wear dresses, and I did. But on my last trip I actually found two pairs of Levi´s that fit me perfectly, two pairs made in heaven. So… Read more »

The Closet Voyeur: Magali Alcaide

[drop_cap style=”color:#ff6a28;”]M[/drop_cap]agali Alcaide lives in Paris and has a job that would make any one of you (and me) green with envy. This is what she does: she curates beauty. Sounds amazing, right? And just look at the bio from her [highlight highlight_type=”italic” color=”yellow”]twitter profile:[/highlight] “I select the best of art, architecture, fashion, interiors, travel and auctions worldwide.” I don’t know about you, but there a few people I would consider killing… Read more »